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According to the year of my birth, I am a part of Gen Y, a millenial, and a member of the boomerang generation. I am supposed to overshare and be impatient. I am supposed to need extrinsic motivation and rewards in order to perform.

I must have been born in the wrong generation, because my family breaks the mold. My husband and I were born the same year and have both been called "Sharks". We aren't willing to just be happy with the way things are (mostly in what we have learned). We like to learn then teach. We like to be independent and push ourselves beyond what we think we can do. Our motto is "Do nothing halfway."

While following through with our motto we have moved cross country three times in just over 2 years and have two kids that were born 13 months apart. Our adventures continue as we continue to learn and push ourselves, each other, our children, and our friends.

Family Members

Monkey, Schoon, and Tiny

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